Frequently Asked Questions

Is cleaning included?

Yes, cleaning after departure is included in the price. There is no servicing during your stay.

Are sheets and towels provided?

Yes, all sheets & bath towels are provided. Pool towels are not provided.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed at the property.

Is the pool heated?

Yes, the pool is solar heated.

Is the pool fully fenced?

Yes, the pool is fully fenced.

Is there a fireplace?

Yes there is a Coonara fireplace in the main living room. Some firewood is provided. Open fireplaces in the other livin rooms are not in use.

Do you provide free WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is provided.

Are Netflix, Disney etc. provided?

A variety of TV subscriptions are available on the 3 Smart TVs

Are there other bodies of water on the property?

Yes, there is a dam for sheep at the bottom of the hill paddock (closed to guests) and a pond beside the front door. Children are expected to be supervised at all times

Are visitors allowed?

Yes, visitors are allowed, subject to standard Terms and Conditions.

Are events/parties allowed?

No, events/parties are not permitted at the property. This includes bucks/hens parties.

How big is the property?

The property is 10 acres in total. The house is in a rural setting, and guests should be aware that local wildlife can frequently be found on the property. This includes snakes, and guests need to exercise caution when exploring.